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About Eclat World

What is Eclat?

We Built a Decentralized

Smart Platform

We reshape businesses and workflows with solutions that power innovation. Our technologists and experts come from the markets we serve, giving us deep industry knowledge and insights into the problems our customers face.

Eclat team changing the implications for the world of distributed ledgers. Why? Because it delivers interoperability across systems, networks and diffrent payment asset network, securely, simply, and cost-effectively, without the need for new infrastructure or introducing multichain. By removing the barriers to interoperability, Elt token helps you to create a whole new world of possibility.

The Difference

What Makes Us Unique

Eclat World is creating a revolution in decentralized smart contract world. It delivers interoperability across different systems, networks. Where Worldwide community can grow their assets.

Unique Technology

We design and deliver technology that enhances legacy systems and workflows with efficient, seamless, secure, and interconnected applications.

Expert Ecosystem

We enable organizations to reimagine business operations and drive measurable value by providing solutions, vision, and advice based on deep market and technical expertise.

Interconnected networks

We create interconnected, global networks that solve complex, deep-seated business challenges and drive opportunity and innovation.

Tokenized Asset

Eclat Tokenization allows for secure and verifiable ownership to create more efficient markets. Mint scalable tokens with low, predictable fees using ELT Token platform.

Multi-Signature Transactions

Eclat Execute transactions in real-time when multiple key or threshold key signature requirements and enable multiple parties easily.

Incredible Security

Defense against DDoS attacks, full data encryption, cryptocurrency cold storage, and compliance to protect your funds in real-time order execution.

ELT Coin

Tokenomics & Distribution

ELT Coin
ELT ICO For New Users : 10%
IDO For All Users : 5%
ECLAT World Ecosystem: 10%
ECLAT Miscellaneous: 2%
Eclat F&CA : 24%
Reserve for Exchange: 49%


Stratagy & Roadmap

Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking and coingovernmental institutions and are exchanged


ELT Listing & Protocol Launch

In 2022 we will list our ELT token to the exchange & release the future making DeFi protocol.


Multi Utility App - Dapp

We will launch and start Integration of Ecommerce DAPP and Crypto Digital Banking Platform in 2023.


Launch With Forex

In 2024 Eclat world Start trading with Forex Pairs, Mining Setup and launch a decentralized blockchain.


Launching Decentralized Platform

In 2025 Eclat world Setting up of DAO and launch a Decentralized Exchange & help to mining setup.

Let's Grow

We Built a Future

Making Protocol

Lets Start staking with ELT Token at Eclat World Platform and explore the world’s first Smart contract Based Staking platform.

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Our Team

Expert Team

Eclat World team has ample experience in the blockchain technology sectors.


Marie M

Sr. Initiator


Zak K

Lead Tech

Jonas Mehmood

Jonas Mehmood

Lead Social Media

Ararat T

Ararat T

Solidity Engineer